La Leche League of Arizona

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Conference Schedule and Sessions




7:30-  8:30a

Registration - Professional and Leader Day

8:45-  9:00a

Welcome and Opening Remarks 

Conference Committee



Breastfeeding After Cosmetic Surgery*

(Diana West)


Knipple Knowledge*

(Diana West)

12:00- 1:00p


1:00- 2:15p

Interprofessional Collaboration in Breastfeeding Support: Empowering Moms, Educating Providers*

(Cara Riek)

Mindfulness, Meditation and the New Mother*

(Abby Bordner)

Becoming a LLL Leader: The experience of a lifetime

(Lupe Forsang)

2:30- 3:30p

Supporting Moms with IGT*

(Desiree Allison)

Formal Milk Banking*

(Laraine Lockhart Borman)

So your client had a Cesarean? Now what?*

(Anne-Marie Chun) 

3:45- 5:00p

Meetings and Beyond: Reaching Parents in Innovative Ways

(Kerri Christie)

Birth Trauma, Bodywork, and Tongue Function*

(Stevanie Bahnerth & Ingrid Venema)

5:30 - 7:00


Book signing with Marian Tompson
& Christy Jo Hendricks

5:30- 7:30p

Registration - Community

7:00- 8:30p

Sweet Sleep: Is Bedsharing Safe for Breastfeeding Families?*

(Diana West)

7:30-  8:30a

Prenatal Yoga
(Nikki Brewer)

8:30- 10:00a

Tongue Tie: Untied*

(Rajeev Agarwal)

A Taste of Birthing Within;

The Bradley Method

(Krystyna Bowman)

Children's Yoga;

Music Together for Babies and Toddlers with Family Member

(Nikki Brewer; Kathy Rowe)

9:00- 10:00a

Babywearing and Postpartum Mood Disorders: Current Research and a Personal Perspective

(Amber Hodge & Lauren Maynard)

10:15- 11:45a


Infant Sleep Training:
History, Research, and Outcomes*

Diana West, IBCLC

Music Together for Babies and Toddlers with Family Member; Babywearing Yoga

(Kathy Rowe; Nikki Brewer) 

12:00-  1:00p


1:15-  2:45p

Surprises Along the Way

(Marian Tompson, Co-Founder of La Leche League)

Chiropractic and the Latch*

(Dara DaCunha)

Ensuring Breastfeeding Success through Excellent Nurse-Midwifery Care*

(Connie Garcia & Rebecca Bandeen)

Beyond the Birth Plan: Self-Care for Breastfeeding Mothers and Others Who Support and Care for Them

(Pam Barnes-Patty & Anysley Babinski)

3:00-  4:15p

Baby Carrying and Breastfeeding: Biological Norms as Modern Essentials*

(Marissa Honey-Jones)

Maternal Mental Health and the Art of Self Care

(Rochelle Trotman-Norman)

Mindfulness: Just Breathe

(Judy Vastine)

Communicating with Children Through the Ages: Infancy to Adulthood

(Misty Dunn & Paulette Woodard)

4:30-  5:30p

Making Friends with the Girls: Breastfeeding Self Efficacy in the Millennial Age*

(Diana West)

Going Forward by Going Back*

(Christy Jo Hendricks)

Wearing Older Children: Toddler and Tandem Babywearing

(TaiLeah Madill)

Married to the League: Experiences, Coping, and Outcomes

(Panel Discussion)

6:00-  7:30p

Book signing with Diana West

7:00-  8:15p

A Formula for Deception*

(Christy Jo Hendricks)

Mothering Through Pumping*

(Jennifer Widdows)

Family Art: A Therapeutic Practice (A Family and Me Class for Toddlers to Teens with Their Caring Adult)

(Rochelle Trotman-Norman)

8:30-  9:45a

Making More Milk*

(Diana West)

Nutrition for the New Mom*

(Yaffi Lvova)

Babywearing 101

(Lauren Maynard)

Bonding Beyond Feeding: Incorporating Infant Massage For Family Members To Connect With Baby

(Michelle Cordero)

10:00- 10:15a

Drawing and Closing Remarks

10:30 - 11:45a

Men Breastfeed, Too: Transmen’s Lactation Experiences and How to Help Them More Effectively*

(Diana West)

The Impact of Childbirth Options on Breastfeeding*

(Diane Ortega & Belinda Hodder)

The Breastfeeding Family's Return to Work*

(Desiree Allison)

Breastfeeding and Babywearing: Multitasking at it’s Finest

(Tiffany Husar & Taileah Madill)

12:00-  1:00p

1:15-  2:30p

Discussing the Knowns and Unknowns of Milk Sharing: Safety, Ethics, and Support*

(Angie Bond)

Formula Marketing in the Information Age: A Moving Target*

(Jennie Bever Babendure)

Lamaze at Home: A More Personal Experience

(Victoria Roselli)

Mission Not Impossible: Caring for the New Baby and Supporting Your Breastfeeding Co-Parent


2:45-  4:00p

Where Baby Sleeps: Ethics and Outcomes*

(Diana West)

Growing Breastfeeding Support Groups for Underserved Populations*

(Clara Krajnik & Cara Riek)

Disease and Infection Prevention: Why Breastfeeding?*

(Ronda Seifert)

Mothering The Mother: Postpartum Community Care*

(Michelle Peterson)