La Leche League of Arizona

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Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista
first Wednesdays at 9am
third Saturdays at 10am (except December)

Join us for breastfeeding discussion and support! There is a general topic for each meeting, but any aspect of breastfeeding or parenting can be discussed.

Please bring your nursing child; quietly-playing siblings are also welcome. Pregnant women are very much encouraged to attend. Please contact an accredited Leader for additional information and questions.

Desert Blossom Midwifery
4810 East Hwy 90 
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635







4810 East Hwy 90, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

La Leche League Leaders are volunteer mothers who have breastfed their babies. Leaders have completed training and have been accredited through La Leche League International. Accredited La Leche League Leaders give information and support to breastfeeding mothers over the telephone, and in person. La Leche League International is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to giving mother to mother support for those wishing to breastfeed their babies.